Ice machine series

Upgrade configuration, pioneered external intelligent control display board, consumer can check the working status at any time, one touch button for adjusting the setting. Automatic and precise micro-computer intelligent control system, safe, stable, high efficient and energy saving, maximum saving for water and electricity; Great performance for ice making, use high efficient and powerful compressor, high air flow bearing fan, optimized configuration and exquisite design.

Soft ice cream machine

Micro-computer automatic control system, HD touch screen and LED screen is optional; Famous brand compressor, stable and reliable refrigeration system, high efficiency and energy saving; High efficiency stainless steel evaporator, safe and healthy, fast freezing, high yield. Optional function for puffing, fruit jam, pre-cooling and core holder; Optional color;

Hard ice cream machine

Thicker Oil film satin stainless steel body and thicker food grade integral forming PC storage container, environment friendly, easy cleaning, resistant and durable. The latest popular and elegant design, optimized structure, easy for maintenance.


Latest design, stainless steel color and other color is available, fashionable and elegent Food grade and high density PC tank, safe and healthy, resistant and durable Famous brand hermetic compressor, fast cooling, quiet and energy saving Humanization design, independent switch control for heating, spraying / stirring, and thermostat knob for controlling heating temperature Water proof switch, seamless design, security for using

Stir fried ice cream machine

Compressor (compressor), the low pressure gas to enhance the pressure of a high pressure gas driven fluid machinery, is the heart of the refrigeration system. It from the suction pipe at low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas inhalation, through the rotation of the motor drives the piston to compress them, to the exhaust pipe of high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas discharged, to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, in order to achieve compression, condensation (exothermic), expansion and evaporation (heat absorption) refrigeration cycles.